• Rehabilitation: repair
  • Rumored-謠言/legend
  • Bypass-sideway
  • Bragging-吹牛
  • Awkward-stupid
  • Tabulated-surface
  • Disgrace- to lose face
  • Serene-honorable
  • Hunched- to have feeling
  • Smock- working shirt
  • Lounging-靠
  • Steadied-穩固的
  • Leisurely 悠閒的
  • Murmured-輕柔持續的聲音
  • Frequently -屢次地
  • Occasion -chance
  • Fragile- easy to break
  • Chanted- song
  • Luxury -奢華
  • Dwellings- home
  • Nuisance - hate something
  • Anthem -聖歌
  • Regulaown ted- in charge
  • Tenderly-溫和地
  • Thrilled- very exciting
  • Gravitating-被吸引
  • Absorbent- can absorb
  • Chortled 得意地咯咯笑
  • Mischievous 惡作劇
  • Accomplishments- achievement
  • Shuffled 拖著腳走
  • Primly拘謹地

Plot: The ceremony of nine( can get a bicycle)
Jonas rode a bicycle at leisure place
A male Eleven named Banjamin had done has entire nearly- Four years in Rehabilation center
Jonas very impress Benjamin achievement
Jonas rode pass the community structures, hoping to spot Asher's bicycle parked beside one of the small factories or office building
He passed th childcare center where lily stayed after school
Jonas slowed and looked at the nametags on the bycycle lines up
Jonas find Asher's bicycle lean upright in the House of Old, and he found Fiona
Jonas Love Fiona (Quiet and polite)
Jonas parked his bicycle neatly in the port beside theirs and enter the building
Jonas get the attendent and the sign up sheet and the official seal stamped her own official seal beside his signature
All the volunteer hours would be carefully surface at the Hall of open Records
A people in eleven years old perpare the ceremony of 12 but not enough volunteer hours
Attendent told volunteer they celebrate the release this morning
Asher and Fiona are helping in the bathing room.
Jonas nodded
Jonas was glad tha he had a lof of variety of places so that he could experience the differences
A young uniform man said Hello Jonas when he passed a Caretaker walking slowly with one of the Old in the Hall
Jonas meet Asher and Fiona
Larissa read the nametag on the woman's robe
Jonas squeezed cleansing lotion onto the clean sponge
Jonas watched his father bathed the new child
Jonas see his friend Fiona help the old man from the tub and tenderly pat his thin, naked body dry with an absorbant cloth.
Edna was a birthmother
Larissa lifed her head and looked around to make sure no one else was listening
Roberto was a instructor when he become Eleven

What did the children go after they release?
What did the children get after the ceremony of nine?
What did the children need to do when they got perpared the ceremony of twelve?
What question the children need to face after the ceremony of nine?
What was the use of the bicycle?

Different of Jonas World and our World:
Jonas world children get the bike after the ceremony of nine
Our world children can get a bike any time they want
We are release when we eighteen
Jonas world children release when they are nine
We get a job when we are 18
Jonas world children get a job when they after the ceremony of 12

Dee Dee