Feb 18
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Gods and Goddesses Notes:
King of gods
War? Wisdom
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Queen of gods

Feb 22
Our questions about the renaissance...
  1. How did the Renaissance affect the feudal system?
  2. Was there a specific person or group who started the Renaissance in Italy?
  3. Why did artists in the Renaissance use circles and squares to show perfection?
  4. Why do people in Northern Italy live in cities instead of living under feudalism and the manor system?
  5. What does it take to be a Renaissance man?
  6. Why is the art of the Renaissance so famous?
  7. Why did people in the Renaissance like to draw naked people?
  8. Why was that time period called the Renaissance?
  9. How many artists from the Renaissance are still famous today?
  10. When did the Renaissance period end? Why?
  11. Can we see any art from the Renaissance today in Hong Kong? If yes, where? If no, why not?
  12. How did they fight during the Renaissance?
  13. Is there a specific reason why Renaissance artists liked perfect models of human bodies?
  14. How did Michelangelo learn art?
  15. Why did Renaissance people that if a man could fit inside a square and a circle (Vitruvian man) that made him perfect?
  16. How did the Renaissance combine new and old ideas?
  17. How was Renaissance art different from the art of the Middle Ages?
  18. How did the people during the Renaissance travel from place to place?
  19. What Countries does Renaissance include?

Can someone type the da vinci thing out? please and thank you
Dear Duke of Milan
I've seen and considered about the invention of the people pretent as masters instrument of war. I find their inventions are not special. I'm going to be brave without causeing hard to anyone, to asking for appointment to show you my skills.

1. I can build a bridge that is very light and strong and can move, to fight with the enemy. We can move the bridge easily, and I can burn and destroy those enemy.
2. If we were sorraunded by enemy, I can cut off the water from the trenches and make a floting boat and use heavy ladders and other similar inventions.
3. If the height of the water can't be attack enemy. I can destroy the castles if its not build on store.
Thanks, anymore?

Today we searched for the Renaissance Newspaper.I was so exciting because I never did this Kind of big project before.(Except for the Istanbul Project)