Notice for the month:
- Poetry Project is due 20-Dec-2007, the day before Winter Carnival, Mean tomorrow
- You can start handing in your Poetry Project on Wednesday, 12-12-2007, for extra bonus mark :)
- There will be no more Europe Map Quiz or Vocab Quiz for this month

For Monday 12.3
Finish the Political Revolutions worksheet
Prepare for the unknown quiz (which could be map quiz or vocab quiz)

For Tuesday 12.4
Prepare for both of the quizzes (map and spelling)

For Wednesday 12.5
Hong Kong Muesum Of Coastal Defenct today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For Thursday 12.6
Continue to study (vocab/geo)
Find 10 new vocabulary words from the Declaration of Independence and define them

For Friday 12.7
Continue to study both map and spelling quiz
Understand all the words of your paragraph in the Declaration of Independence

For Monday 12.10
Keep studying and personal reading
Notice: Poetry Project is NOT due this Wednesday but if you hand in at Wednesday you get extra points :)

For Tuesday 12.11
Improve 2 sentence from the one Mr JP wrote (How does the Declaration of Independence show Enlightenment ideals?)
Complete a draft of an extra conclusion for the writing
You MAY hand in your poetry project since tomorrow for extra point but DEAD-DUE is the last day from holiday
READ through the packet about French Revolution (for thursday)

For Wednesday 12.13
READ through the packet about French Revolution (for tomorrow)

For Thursday 12.14
Finish the 2nd draft of the conclusion (Declaration Of Independence essay sheet)

For Friday 12.15
Continue doing the French Revolution Paragraph

For Monday 12.18
French Revolution presentation is due TOMORROW and be ready to present on that day
And continue work on the paragraph but is present tomorrow too!
Map re-test tomorrow (on lunch time)
For Tueaday 12.19

For Wednesday 12.20
Improve your presentation (French Revolution)

For Thursday 12.21
Poetry Project Absolute Dead-line TOMORROW!!!