Monday 12.3
  • Chapter Five
  • -Read
  • -Take notes
  • Spelling Quiz
  • -We have more than one chance to do it >o<''
  • Whirligig
  • -Car Accident`
  • Map Quiz
  • -mr.p distribute the quiz
  • -Compare pg.117 of the textbook and the map (Sizes, Names...)

Tuesday 12.4
  • Movie with Mr. C's class
-about the dark age

Wednesday 12.5
We didn't have class today because we went to the museum.

Thursday 12.6
  • ChrisC's presentation
  • Discuss about manors and Feudalism (Higher Lords, Dukes, Earls, Lesser Lords and Knights)
  • Stations (Revising, Reading X2, Writing, Computers (Edit Wikispaces))
Friday 12.7
  • Whirligig
  • Youtube (about the story of Morte D'Arther)
  • Share the words that we found yesterday in "Morte D'Arther"
  • Spelling Quiz
Monday 12.10
  • Map Quiz
  • Morte D' Arthur
- Summarize the page misterjp had assigned for each group into 2-3 sentences
- Write the two sentences on different pieces of paper
  • Youtube ("How to kill a chocolate bunny" -- it was horrible-- )
Tuesday 12.11
  • Activity of the European Map
  • Continue on the Illuminated Manuscipt
Wednesday 12.12
  • Book Fair
  • Illuminated Manuscript
  • brainstorm
Thursday 12.13
  • Stations:
  • We read Sir Jeff's 3 wishes book and we talked about primary sources. xDxD
Friday 12.14
  • Map quiz (last quiz in the Western Europe)
  • A start on the project of Middle Ages
  • talk more about Primary sources & Secondary sources and wrote a paragraph in a group about the packet Sir Jeff gave us for homework last night
  • discuss about the sources of the topic we choose~
Monday 12.17
  • Presentations about Middle Ages
Thrusday 12.20
  • quiz (about the presentation that held on yesterday)
  • talk about the holiday homework
  • go to the library (read/revise/take a geo quiz)