For Tuesday 12.3

  • Personal Reading
  • Bring your reading log to class
  • Study for map quiz
Note: Mr. didn't past our spelling quiz back, so we don't need to pratice for our next spelling quiz!
For Thursday 12.5
  • Study for map quiz
  • Study for spelling quiz

For Friday 12.6
  • Study for map quiz and spelling quiz
  • find 10 new word in' Morte D'Arther' and defind it

For Monday 12.10
  • Continue to study( Geo)
  • Make sure you know every word in Morte D' Arthur your page
  • read ''themes''

For Tuesday 12.11
  • Continue to study spelling - geo
  • read "style" and ''historical context'' from the packet
For Wednesday 12.12
  • Finish the illuminated manuscript
  • Bring a book (stations tomorrow)
For Thursday 13.12
  • Read the section your station chose
  • Revise Map quiz tomorrow
For Friday 14.12
  • Write what you chose as a Primary source on "Medieval Research" (in the wikispaces)
  • Do some research on your Middle Ages topic (if necessary)
For Tuesday,Wednesday 18,19.12
  • Work on your skit for Wednesday
For Thrusday 20.12
  • Study for quiz
Holiday Homework
  • go to free rice
  • Reading
  • go to "I like 2 learn" to take a quiz of Geo.