Jonas was selected to be the receiver of memory. He felt insulated from the community. When he read through his rules, he found them confusing and hard to follow. So he read them again and again. Although being the receiver is a great honor, he is in a great deal of separation. He also felt unlike with others the first time in his 12 year. Just by reading the rules he is certainly under pain.

Restriction – Limitations
Unintentional – Casual; not planned
Indescribable – Not able to describe
Auditorium – The space set apart for the audience in a theater, school, or other public building.
Unnerving – Horrifying, up set

How is their world different from ours?
- We have the right to choose our job.
- We don’t have such job as the receiver of memory
- We don’t have to do the dream telling everyday.

What kind of job did Jonas get?
How did Jonas feel after receiving his job?
Jonas wasn’t ready for which one rule?
Why is that one rule difficult for him to follow?