Chapter 8
It was the ceremony of twelve, which Jonas and his age group get to know his job of rest of his life, but then the Chief Elder skipped Jonas when it was suppose to be Jonas’ turn to get up the stage for his job. All other of his age group had finish announcing, he was the only one left.
All audience was also wondered if the Chef Elder had made an error. But then she did not, Jonas hadn’t been assigned, he was been selected, selected to be the receiver of memory. He had the ability to see beyond, to see things others may not see. But Jonas still was not clear what a Receiver of memory is. The only thing he know about a Receiver was about the great honour he will get, but with the honour he also have to receive pain.

Questions to guild
How does Jonas feel when he was skipped?
What do you think about Jonas’ “See Beyond?”
Vocabularies of the day:
  1. Piecemeal: adverb- in little parts- in separate parts
  2. anticipation: noun- expecting waiting
  3. meticulously: adjective- extremely careful
4. Jaunty: adjective- carefree
5. Midst: noun- center of sth
6. Transgressions: noun- action of breaking laws
7. Chastisement: noun- punish
8. Rigorous: adjective- rough
9. Gratitude: noun- thanks
10. Astonishment: noun- great amazement
Rule of this chapter:
When the Chief Elder mentions the failure of the Receiver ten years ago, everyone is uncomfortable. As a general rule, things that are "unsettling or different" are not talked about in the community so the Chief Elder chooses not to discuss it further. (

Hand drawings by Vanessa, designed by Angus