The Giver Summary
Of Chapter 9

Jonas started to be an adult! Because something excited about sex happens in his dream! Jonas Dreamed a new kinds of feelings and is the feelings of stirring that all human being does, he dreamed his lover which is Fiona standing in the bathroom with him. Jonas trying to have bath with Fiona but she refused to do it with a laugh, she didn’t and shouldn’t be taking the bath with Jonas or so it would be abnormal to those younglings such as the two of them on a role to become an adult. He rarely shared his embarassing dream to his family, he was scared but his parent told him that it’s unnecessarily to be scared because it’s normal because they are adults that are few times aged than Jonas. The Speaker annouced those who need a stirring treatment should be reported. He ignored such as the citizen did, he thought of there has a problem, but his mother persuaded him enough to calm and relax back to normal.Friends like Asher are more mature than him and already taking the pills to control his feelings, Jonas didn’t take those, would that be a problem? Or is it because he likes the stirring feelings? The feelings that named “the wanting”?, people like him would it be perverted?

ritual: a religious or solemn ceremony involving a series of actions performed according to a set order 儀式
fragment: a small part broken or separated off 碎片
disquiet(disquietig): a feeling of worry or unease 使焦急不安;使憂慮
chastise: to criticize somebody for doing something wrong 批評
frown(frowning): to show that you are incensed, angry, serious, etc by making lines that appear on your forehead 皺眉;表示不滿
sponge: a piece of natural material that is soft, light and full of holes, and it can hold water easilym it could used to washing yourself or cleaning something 海綿
murky: dark and dirty or unpleasant 漆黑的; 陰暗的; 髒的
vague: not clear or definite 模糊不清的; 不明確的
puzzled: not able to understand or explain something; feel confused 困惑的, 搞糊塗的
reassure(reassuring): to say or do somthing in order to stop somebody worrying or being afraid 使放心; 使消除疑慮