In this chapter, a baby boy who has the same kind of pale eyes as Jonas arrived at Jonas family. In the community, usually people have dark eyes, pale eyes are only for a few exceptions like Jonas and the baby boy.. When Lily sees the new visitor, she thinks she would like to be a Birthmother to give birth to these newchildren. But her father warned her not to be a Birthmother and give three births for three years, and suggested Lily to be a Nurturer like him.

On the other side, a flashback to the past. An announcement was made by the community saying to male Elevens that nothing could be taken away from the Recreation area. Since Jonas brought back an unusual apple from the recreation area which he played with Asher during recreation, and Lily is the most talkative person in their family who tells everything to the community no matter is it good or bad to the family, Jonas knows reminder is actually speaking directly at him. After then, the relationship between Jonas and his little sister Lily is getting worse and worse.


  • Chastise –transition verb
    to inflict punishment on

  • Petulantly –adjective
    insolent or rude in speech or behavior
  • Reluctantly –adjective
    feeling or showing hatred, hesitation, or unwillingness
  • Bewilderment –noun
    the quality or state of being confused
  • Hoard –transition verb
    to lay up a supply or fund stored up and often hidden away of
  • Tunic –noun
    an enclosing or covering membrane or tissue
  • Mystified - transitive verb
    to perplex the mind of : bewilder
  • Solemn -adjective
    strict, seriously


Two rules were mentioned in this chapter.
  • In the community, there are also unspoken codes of behavior. They are not rules, but they are often as strictly adhered to and established as rules are. For example, people do not usually like to mention things that are different about others in order to avoid being impolite.
  • When Jonas once breaks a rule, he is immediately chastised by an announcement through the speakers. When he takes the apple home after seeing it change at the Recreational Center, an announcement is made to all male Elevens that things are not to be taken from the Recreation area. Although Jonas is not specifically mentioned, Jonas understands that the announcement is directed at him.

In the real life, to mentioned things that are different about others is not an impolite move, unless it is a negative thing that hurts people's feelings. Maybe in real life, doing what Jonas did in the recreation center, would consider as stealing. And the punishment would not only be an announcement that tells you not to, i would be going to jail instead.


  1. Why does Lily think reporting her brother, Jonas, and let him be punished is a right think to do?
  2. After reading this chapter, what do you feel to do to make Jonas' community runs better?
  3. How would you feel about Jonas' sister who reported Jonas?