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Arctic Oil Drilling
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Step One: Define Task
Topic: HK Air Pollution
  1. How do people create air pollution?
  2. Why does HK have air pollution?
  3. How can we stop air pollution in HK?
  4. How does air pollution affect our lives?

  1. What will happen to HK if air pollution continues?
    1. This is an open-ended question
    2. It includes all possible consequences

  1. If air pollution continues, will Hong Kong be in danger?
    1. This is a yes/no question
    2. It only focuses on one possible consequence
    3. This is a “leading question”

Step Two: Information-Seeking Strategies
What are possible sources?
A. Library
B. Internets / intertubes
C. HK Observatory
D. HK Science Museum
E. Personal Observations
F. Ask your friends
G. “ parents
H. “ teachers

Which are best? Why?
A. Library: it has many books, it’s a good work environment, you know the information is true because it is published, it’s free, AND THE LIBRARIAN WILL HELP US, OMG SO AWESOME!!!
B. Interwebs: has lots of different information from many different people all over the www, free (sort of), searchable, fast, more convenient than a library
C. Personal Observations: let’s you talk about how you feel, means you cannot be copying anyone else
D. HK Science Museum: has lots of experiments that you can try, very fun & interesting, can play while you learn, BUT may not have any information on our topic!
E. Friends/Teachers/Parents: helps you learn what people experience, helps you practice your communication skills and helps you have a good time with your friends, they might have more experience and can maybe save you a lot of time
G. Newspaper

Library; Friends; Teachers; Parents

Step Three: Access & Location
Where is each source?
Where is the information within each source?

Find one source that can help us answer one of our questions about HK air pollution.
Bring in a written paragraph that summarizes the information in your source.

Step Four: Use of Information

Step Five: Synthesis

Next Homework Assignment:

1. Prepare a skit about Samuel the Green Mountain Champion
a. Needs to have good information in it
2. Research a good environment group for us to contact, AND send them an email asking how our students can help
3. Design and begin a new class Wikispace which contains information about HK Air Pollution